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Men also do not want mouse after the birth of their first child



Фото: Andriy Popov/ Scientists have come to the conclusion that not only women, but also men lose interest in carnal pleasures after the birth of a child. In particular, we are talking about the birth of the first child. It turns out that after the birth of the first child, men ex...

Delaney | 06.06.2023 11:20:52

Another Pugacheva?



On the musical sidelines, they say that the young performer Elena Kukarskaya, beloved by Alla Borisovna, a pupil of one of the "Factories", intends to take the stage name Pugacheva after marriage ... The girl does not even try to hide her intentions from the prima donna, but Alla Borisovna is st...

Delaney | 02.06.2023 14:39:52