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Anastasia Kvitko got fat or overdid it with Photoshop?



The Russian luxury model is proud of its voluminous "fifth point" and the significant difference between the waist and hips. It was for such an unrealistic ratio of Nastya's body parts that she was nicknamed the "cartoon". 9.5 million people are subscribed to the girl's Instagram. But haters are not a...

Delaney | 07.06.2023 06:03:21

Men also do not want mouse after the birth of their first child



Фото: Andriy Popov/ Scientists have come to the conclusion that not only women, but also men lose interest in carnal pleasures after the birth of a child. In particular, we are talking about the birth of the first child. It turns out that after the birth of the first child, men ex...

Delaney | 06.06.2023 11:20:52

Kate Middleton has been wearing the same boots for 12 years



Earlier, myJane reported that Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton travel to India and Bhutan. As part of the events, the royal couple shot a bow and threw darts. It turned out that Kate shoots better than Prince William. And only in throwing darts did the Duchess yield to her hu...

Delaney | 05.06.2023 10:21:24

Kirsten Dunst found a new love on the set of "Fargo 2"



In Fargo 2, Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons played an eccentric couple guilty of a number of murders. Work on the set brought the actors closer together and they became a couple in life. Although the filming of the series has long ended, the actors are still together. They continue to spe...

Delaney | 04.06.2023 04:44:04

Another Pugacheva?



On the musical sidelines, they say that the young performer Elena Kukarskaya, beloved by Alla Borisovna, a pupil of one of the "Factories", intends to take the stage name Pugacheva after marriage ... The girl does not even try to hide her intentions from the prima donna, but Alla Borisovna is st...

Delaney | 02.06.2023 14:39:52

The star of the film "Love and Pigeons" Nina Doroshina died



At the age of 84, Nina Doroshina, the star of the film "Love and Pigeons", died. People's Artist of the RSFSR starred in more than twenty films. Her most famous role is Nadia from the Soviet melodrama "Love and Pigeons". ...

Delaney | 02.06.2023 01:00:33

Natalia Medvedeva gave birth to her second child



Comedy woman actress Natalia Medvedeva became the mother of her second child. The comedian did not confirm the rumors about the pregnancy. But now he does not deny what happened. Natalia poses in her insta-blog against the background of a stroller, with a comment about the fact that "Moms don't g...

Delaney | 31.05.2023 14:08:29